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Marcus Wilkinson

So I have been on the planet for over 60 years, and over those years I have gained wisdom and experience of many subjects.  I am an avid recycler, and re-user of products, and always on the look out for new and innovative ideas for recycling products and environmentally friendly innovations. The Idea of this site is pass on nuggets of wisdom and provide hacks,to make people aware of new ideas that emerge to make the prospect of living a life that is more sustainable a reality.

I also look for, and offer for sale products that I believe people will find useful in their everyday life. The difference is that the product I offer for sale come from sustainable sources. The products being sold may have been manufactured from Hemp or Bamboo or else they may have been manufactured from recycled materials.

This is a project that is growing and I have set up to see me into retirement. So I can grow old disgracefully.

So What is our Reason D’aitre?

Well over the years, I have had a life of highs and lows when it comes to living a life sustainably.  If as a result of talking about some of these experiences along with useful information that I happen to fall over, or have deliberately sought, I can help others on their sustainable journey through life, that will kind of work for me.

I am looking to provide fact, humour, even stir controversy, however I seek to do so in an civilised manner, without causing offence. If in doing these things I can help people achieve their goals in life (for the good of all) then that will sit well with me.

If you feel that I have left out information that could be useful, have been mis-interpreting information or else just got the wrong end of the stick, (yes it could happen) the please please get in touch. I am human and yes i have been known to make mistakes. (Often).

If you wish to advise on something you have experienced on the subject of recycling, reuse or else just pass on pearls of wisdom on matters of a sustainable nature, again please get in touch.

If you have any questions that you feel I can help with please get in touch

The only thing I would ask is that you do not seek to use this site to cause offence by being discourteous, or uncivil in any way. I will not hesitate to remove any content that I consider of bad taste.

All the best,

Marcus Wilkinson


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